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Helping business owners 
be strong with marketing, communications, and growth


Are you a Small Business owner with a great product or service

but your sales GROWTH HAS SLOWED and

you simply DO NOT HAVE THE TIME for marketing?

Our team can HELP YOU ...

Ensure alignment of your business goals with the market opportunity;       

Craft bold, fearless, and captivating stories that convert to sales;

Find, market to, and connect with your target audience;

Optimize your marketing and sales funnels for exponential growth.

You Reached Your Goal, Now What?

The story opens with you, a business owner, sitting at your desk looking over the latest sales projections. You take a moment to quietly reflect on the company you've built from scratch 10 years ago and grown into a successful seven or eight-figure business. A major milestone you worked so long and hard to reach. You've got a strong team and a great product/service but now your growth has plateaued.

Your inbox is overflowing with emails, reports, bills, meetings, questions, and issues. Only the hardest problems make it to your desk, otherwise, someone else would take care of it. Product design, development, testing, training, quality assurance, sales, distribution, customer service, rent, expenses, taxes, payroll, insurance,  happy customers, upset customers, happy employees, upset employees … the list of things on your plate seems endless.


Imagine though, just for a moment, if thousands of more people knew about your product/service then you're confident that your company's growth would be exponential.


Your Time is the Most Scarce and Valuable Resource

The problem is you simply don't have the time to write interesting and effective marketing content. And you certainly aren't an expert in the creative writing, graphic design, and tech skills needed for landing pages, search engine optimization, email campaigns, social posts, and ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, plus blogs, articles, reviews, and more.


The challenge doesn't end there because finding a reputable and effective person or team to handle your marketing is truly difficult. Your existing team is too busy (and not really good at marketing anyway), the big agencies are way too expensive, and you've already tried letting your brother-in-law do it, that was a disaster that wasted both time and money, and damaged your relationship.  

Ikigai, the Reason for Getting Up in the Morning

Enter stage left. A jack of all trades and master of some. A business owner who has been in your shoes. Someone who has founded and led several successful startups from inception to acquisition (plus a couple of failures as well).


That's me. I've served in almost every leadership role imaginable but I've found that my Ikigai, the reason for getting up in the morning, is centered around helping small business owners with marketing, communications, and growth


My company, Kia Kaha Creative, takes a truly unique approach to solving traditional business challenges. This methodology isn't right for everyone. That's ok, we can still be friends. 

Our Approach


Law of Attraction

Very few individuals, and even fewer companies, truly understand the Venn diagram of Passions, Strengths, the World's Needs, and the Marketplace. Without a significant overlap in these areas, you and your company will struggle to break free of your artificial growth ceiling.

We help define and refine these foundational elements for you. Following some best practices, plus the natural law of attraction will draw them together naturally as if they were magnets. Once properly aligned, your company will be prepared for exponential growth.

Captivating Stories

Thank you! You made it this far and you're still reading. Studies show that only about 5% will read the body copy of a website or advertisement.


It's an expensive exchange. You're asking people to spend their most valuable and limited resource, their time, on your website so you better have something compelling to say. Otherwise, they'll quickly move on to another site, app or activity that's more interesting.


Regardless of your product/service, you have a captivating story to tell, you simply need some help crafting it. That's our specialty. 

Find Your Audience

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of uber-talented but struggling artists who are every bit as talented as those that profit off their craft. But, and it's a big but, most were never discovered. They failed to find their audience and eventually succumbed to the moniker starving artist.

Finding an audience (aka, customers) is hard. You've already proven that you're supremely talented with your product/ service. You simply need a little help with getting the word out. Like a great talent agent, we help prepare you for the spotlight and then place you in front of the right audience

Our Services




Goal Setting


Competitor Analysis
Market Definition
Market Sizing

Brand Definition
Brand Positioning
Brand Awareness


Information Architecture
Communications Plan
Public Relations


Persuasive Writing

White papers/eBooks
Case Studies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Email Campaigns
Hub/Spoke content
Social Media posts


Pay Per Click (PPC)
Google Adwords, Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Graphic/Print Ads


Logo Design
Web Design


Get In Touch

So, you're telling me there's a chance? YES! 

Thank you! We'll be in touch asap!

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